About us

Our company is selling and servicing scooters, motorcycles, quads since 2003.

In 2008, our business has expanded to include sales and service of light quadricycles (microcars).

So long internship has allowed us to gain a lot of experience this area given that the service and the shop is one of the company and its shape is the basis for an appropriate and professional service to our customers.

Automotive is a family tradition with us and the thing that we all love, so we make every effort to ensure that appliances bought from us meet one hundred percent customer requirements.

Authentication as the living room and the service provides access to the full range of spare parts and accessories.

We also offer our customers a very attractive hire purchase system - only 0.6% per month. Even if you do not have free cash, just an identity card and the purchase, to go from the living room new or used vehicle

All formalities are trying to settle on the spot within 15 minutes.