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ul. Chłopska 20
42-200 Częstochowa

Tel: 501-187-265; 508-084-803
E-mail: robert_mrozik@op.pl


Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl - shop operating at http://www.sklep.matmart.pl, selling products in its offer via the Internet;

Central Warehouse - a place in which the completing customer orders;

Working days - all days of the week from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays;

Delivery time - the time in which the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl complement to order and send to the Central Warehouse at the address indicated by the Customer;

Shopping Cart - Online Store sklep.matmart.pl element, where the customer specifies the order details such as delivery address, billing information, delivery method, payment method, etc.

§ 1.
Contract performance conditions

Orders can make an adult or a company.
Each order placed in the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl must be confirmed by the sklep.matmart.pl.
Deliveries will be made only in Polish.

1. The customer can place orders:
a. 24 hours a day via the website http://www.sklep.matmart.pl. The customer registration and login, an order, indicating the product they are interested in, using the "ADD TO CART" and then in the part called baskets, indicates how the receipt and payment for the order.
b. e-mail - sending the order to the address robert_mrozik@op.pl

2. The customer placing an order, enters into a contract of sale of goods ordered from the online store sklep.matmart.pl. The sales contract is concluded in accordance with Polish law and in Polish.

3. In the order (in the basket), client indicates:
a. The ordered goods, the maximum number of identical products included in one order can be 10 pieces;
b. the address to which the goods are to be delivered and the address to which you want to invoice. They may be two different addresses;
c. the method of delivery.
- delivery company
- Personal transport Matmart-u
d. The method of payment;
- Prepayment by bank transfer on the bank account.

4. The customer has the option to place an order for more goods (wholesale orders) only after prior consultation with the Customer Service Department sklep.matmart.pl phone (501-187-265) or mail (robert_mrozik@op.pl).

5. At the time of order the customer has the ability to split the order into several packages. Division order, the Customer can make in terms of the estimated time of completion. The customer is informed about the cost of goods ordered and the cost of delivery.

6. Delivery of ordered goods will be realized only when the ordered goods are in the Central Warehouse Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl

7. The contract is executed at the address indicated by the Client in the order. In the case of delivery of ordered goods to a place other than the specified address when logging is required complete postal address to which the goods are to be sent.

8. Online Store sklep.matmart.pl not be liable for non-delivery or delay in delivery of the ordered goods or perform the contract, resulting from incorrectly specified by the customer or inaccurate delivery address.

9. In the absence Magazine central part of the products covered by the contract the Customer Online Store sklep.matmart.pl sends a message to the customer, to the email address the Customer indicated in the order form, stating that the goods and in what dates are available. The message contains the request to take a decision Customer concerning the further proceedings in the contract.

10. The customer in the situation described in paragraph 9 above, depending on the situation can:
a. give up the contract in its entirety;
b. agree to the waiting time for the implementation of the entire contract;
c. to cancel the order in part.

11. In the situation described in paragraph 9 above and in the absence of feedback from the customer within 2 working days, on how to proceed in the contract, Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl depending on the situation can:
a. execute customer orders in the whole of the increase in the time of delivery;
b. fulfill customer orders as a whole after splitting the order into several deliveries by time and the availability of goods at its discretion;
c. fulfill customer orders and partially deliver the goods, which is at the moment the order is available at the Central Warehouse, and the remaining part of the order to cancel.

12. Confirmation of the order is to send a pro forma invoice to the e-mail client specified in the form.

§ 2.
prices of goods

1. Shop online sklep.matmart.pl publishes information on its offers on page http://www.sklep.matmart.pl offers goods in the base store, via the Internet.

2. Prices at the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl:
a. are given both net and gross (VAT) and are stated in Polish zloty;
b. presented the offered product does not contain information about the shipping costs.

3. The price is binding and final price of the product is indicated on the online store sklep.matmart.pl the product at the time of ordering by the customer.

4. Information on the total contract value is presented on page http://www.sklep.matmart.pl, after the customer to choose the form of order delivery and payment.

5. Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl reserves the right to keep the changes in prices of goods on offer and carry out and remove all kinds of promotional and sales. The changes apply to orders placed after the publication on the website.

§ 3.
modification order

1. Modification of the contract may be made only before shipment of the goods.

2. Changes can be made by contacting the Customer Service sklep.matmart.pl phone (tel. 501-187-265) or mail (robert_mrozik@op.pl).

3. Changes may relate to the resignation of the whole order. If payment for the goods was made in advance it will refund the Customer's account, from which the payment was made within 14 working days. If the customer does not have its own bank account receivable will be returned by postal order. The amount of the refund will be reduced by about postal fee.

§ 4.
Methods of payment and the start of the contract

1. Payment for the goods to be delivered in Polish can be made:
a. The electronic transfer - performance of the contract will commence upon receipt of the Online Store sklep.matmart.pl payment to the bank account;
b. by bank transfer - performance of the contract will commence upon receipt of the Online Store sklep.matmart.pl payment to the bank account; bank account number is sent on a pro forma invoice with the confirmation of the order.

2. If on the fiscal receipt or invoice are situated incorrect data, according to the Decree of the Minister of Finance buyer should issue a corrective note. The total change in the data of the buyer is not possible.

3. In the case of contracts above 5 000 PLN paid in cash on delivery shop has the right to make the taking of an order of advance payment by the buyer.

§ 5.
Time orders

1. Shop confirms acceptance of the order via the Internet or by telephone within 2 working days of receiving it, while reserving the right to cancel the contract within 5 working days from the date of the order by the buyer. Shop in the order confirmation also provides delivery time is a rough time counted from the moment of the order (in accordance with § 3) for the delivery. The execution time of the entire order is given with regard to the date of completion of all goods ordered. The customer has the opportunity to share the order according to the time of delivery according to §1.5)

2. Order in Polish:
a. it can be delivered by courier to the indicated in the order form email address
b. is provided within:
- Approx. 1 - 3 business days - via courier to the specified by the customer address.

§ 6.
Shipping time and costs

1. The final cost of shipping the product will be given on a pro forma invoice. It depends on the weight and dimensions of ordered items and the selected method of payment. If you order more than one product, the system calculates the cost of shipping based on the total weight of all products.
shipping weight - cost of delivery
from 1 to 5 kg 18.00 zł
from 5 to 15 kg 18.50 zł
from 15 to 30 kg 20.00 zł
from 30 to 50 kg 28.00 zł
from 50 to 60 kg 32.00 zł
from 60 to 70 kg 56.00 zł
from 70 kg to 90 kg 58.00 zł
from 90 kg to 100 kg 73.00 zł
100 kg of the products individually determined wysokogabarytowe

Shop sklep.matmart.pl reserves, it does not send via courier goods glass and highly vulnerable to damage during transport. In this case, the time and cost of delivery is determined individually for each order and given to the customer by email.

2. Delivery time
At the time of delivery consists of the time required for execution of the contract and the time required for courier delivery.
Note: Couriers are required to deliver the consignment to the premises recipient only if its weight does not exceed 30 kg. In the case of heavier shipments, the package can be delivered only to the door of the building.

3. tracking
The information, which was sent by courier shipment and the waybill number, you will receive a confirmation e-mail process the order.

Security of supply
The goods are secured by used fillers (bubble bags, polystyrene foam, and others), stretch film to protect shipping from external damage and identification, corporate tapes, cartons dimension. We do not send courier consignments of goods of glass and highly vulnerable to damage during transport.

§ 7.

I. Terms of complaints (reporting non-conformity)
1. The warranty for products bought in a shop sklep.matmart.pl only valid on the territory of the Polish Republic

2. sklep.matmart.pl Online Store within 14 days will address customer complaints and notify the manner of its settlement;

3. A prerequisite to shop online sklep.matmart.pl considered the complaint is:
a. notification of the complaint to the Customer Service Department, or
a. providing to the company MATMART advertised goods with invoice, warranty card, a document return / complaint, or
b. possession of the goods manufacturing defects.

4. Upon receipt of the complaint with a detailed description of product defects, customer service department will decide how the complaint will be considered. May require sending the goods advertised to the magazine's MATMART.

5. Where reference is made a complaint to the Central Warehouse address Matmart, ul. Peasant 20, 42-200 Częstochowa through POLISH POST (economic package), and considering the complaint in favor of the customer Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl return the payment for the shipment. The fee will be returned by postal order to the address indicated on the invoice or bank transfer - subject to refund if your account is a bank customer. Shop sklep.matmart.pl not accept any parcels sent COD.

6. In the case of considering the complaint in favor of the Customer - Online sklep.matmart.pl undertakes to remedy defects in the product (repair) or, if the repair is unsuccessful or not possible, store the customer will replace the defective goods at full value, or if the customer prifile - Online sklep.matmart.pl reimburse the defective goods within 14 working days of receipt of the complaint; The fee will be returned by postal order to the address indicated on the invoice or bank transfer - subject to refund if your account is a bank customer.

7. If the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl does not have a central warehouse of goods being replaced, you will receive a refund for defective goods within 14 working days from the date of the complaint;

8. The customer has the right to lodge a complaint within such warranty periods which gives warranty from date of purchase provided that within 30 days of the finding of non-conformity notify the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl.

II. Warranty conditions (goods damaged during transport)
1. If, after receipt of the goods the buyer finds any damage caused during delivery, in the presence of the courier must write a report of the damage, which included will be the date, time of delivery and description of damage or defects observed. Replacing the product with a new one is possible only on the basis of the written protocol damage.

2. The product is damaged or defective should be with the protocol of damage and proof of purchase (VAT invoice or receipt) send to the following address: Matmart, ul. Peasant 20, 42-200 Częstochowa. The cost of returning the goods are returned after receiving and accepting the complaint. All complaints are dealt with within 14 working days of receipt. Damaged product will be exchanged for full value, and if it is not possible, store the buyer returns the equivalent price of the product or offer a different product.

§ 8.
Terms of warranty

1. The warranty for products bought in a shop sklep.matmart.pl only valid on the territory of the Polish Republic

2. All the goods available at the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl be replaced if:
a. have manufacturing defects;
b. they have been mechanically damaged during transport;
c. The product is incompatible with the product specified in the contract;

3. In the case of goods, for which the manufacturer or an operator who puts a product on the market gives a guarantee customer use of the powers under the guarantee - in this case the customer is advertising equipment directly to the guarantor (the entity providing the guarantee).
Guarantor (a producer or a product on the market) is indicated on the label of the product and the warranty card

§ 9.
The right of withdrawal / Returns

1. Every order in the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl goods may be returned without giving any reason within 10 days of receipt of completed order - provided that the pre-packaged goods have not been unpacked from the original packaging;

2. Resignation may be made to the contract as a whole or of its parts:
a. if the order has not yet been completed and shipped. To cancel, please contact Customer Service sklep.matmart.pl phone (501-187-265) or email (robert_mrozik@op.pl).
b. after receiving the consignment delivered the Polish Post or courier - orders can be sent back to the address Matmart, ul. Peasant 20, 42-200 Częstochowa within 10 days from the date of delivery. The costs of returning the returned goods shall be borne by the customer.

3. Online Store sklep.matmart.pl:
a. Customer returns due for returned goods within 10 working days from the date of receipt of delivery if the payment for the goods was in advance;
b. accept the return, only when it is sent to the address Matmart, ul. Peasant 20, 42-200 Częstochowa;
c. not accept the return of ordered goods sent to us as a package for downloading.

4. In the absence of goods in the central warehouse and the inability to perform the contract the Customer Online Store sklep.matmart.pl has the right to withdraw from the agreement not later than thirty (30) days from the date of its conclusion. If payment for the goods was in advance - Online sklep.matmart.pl will return the payment for the goods within 14 working days from the cancellation of the order.

§ 10.
Personal data

1. By registering in the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl customer consents to put your personal information in the database Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl.
2. Personal information is protected in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997. "On Personal Data Protection" (Journal of Laws No. 133, item. 883) to prevent access to them by third parties.
3. Consistent with the above. Act, Customers Online Store sklep.matmart.pl have the right to inspect their personal data, modify them and remove.
4. Personal data contained in the database Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl are not communicated to those not involved in the contract.
5. Termination of retention of personal data consignees after delivery of the shipment, after investigating the complaint, or after the date on which the complaint can be dealt with, unless the customer agrees to preserve the sklep.matmart.pl personal data after the above mentioned date .

§ 11.
Final Provisions

1. The presence of goods in the price list Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl not mean the availability of goods and the possibility of the contract.

2. Shop online sklep.matmart.pl not responsible for the blocking by the administrators of mail servers transmit messages to the email address specified by the customer and for the removal and the blocking of emails by software installed on the computer used by the customer.

3. Differences arising from customer individual computer settings (color, proportions, etc.) can not be the basis for the complaint and return the purchased goods in the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl.

4. Shop online sklep.matmart.pl due diligence, that the content of an offer to sell the goods as accurately correspond to reality. Due to the possibility of errors during the renovation carried out (eg. The price, configuration, etc.) - any discrepancies will be adjusted during order confirmation by the Online Store sklep.matmart.pl.

5. Prices in the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl are valid only in the Internet offer and are not subject to additional discounts that may apply at any given time in partner showrooms.

6. In matters not regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code and the provisions of the Act on special conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code and the Law on protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products.

7. All names of products offered for sale through the Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl are used for identification purposes and may be protected and registered under the provisions of the Law on Industrial Property Law.

8. These Regulations in force since 25 September 2014.

9. Online Shop sklep.matmart.pl reserves the right to change the Rules. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions of Sale apply from the date of publication on the website http://www.sklep.matmart.pl and apply to orders placed after that date.

10. competent court for any possible disputes that may arise on the background of implementing the provisions of these Regulations is the court competent and businesslike according to the customer's choice.

11. By placing an order buyer accepts the above terms and conditions.